I am an associate professor in Marquette University’s English Department  in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. I specialize in technical communication and the rhetoric of health and medicine, and I am a leading expert in first responder documentation practices.

Liz Angeli

Liz Angeli, Ph.D. Photo credit: Marquette University.

My scholarship and teaching reflect my interdisciplinary education and work experience and my commitment to publishing scholarship for practitioners, researchers, and teachers.

I earned an honors B.A. in psychology and Italian studies minor (Marquette U.) and an M.A. in composition studies and English as a second language (U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). I completed my Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition with emphases on technical communication and the rhetoric of health and medicine (Purdue U.).

While I was in school, I worked as an academic tutor, as academic support staff for university athletics, and as a veterinary assistant. I also held a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification.

By working and studying in those spaces, I learned that my favorite part about them was the interaction among people: supporting students as they learned course content, teaching pet owners how to best care for their pets, learning how paramedics remembered and communicated vast amounts of information in a short period of time, and understanding how writing facilitated action in these contexts. These experiences led me to study and to teach writing and rhetoric.

I have coordinated and facilitated Writing Across the Curriculum initiatives with nursing faculty, paramedic students and educators, academic staff, and animal science students, and I have delivered workplace writing workshops for university faculty and staff.

How do you pronounce your last name?

AN-juh-lee. It’s like “Angela” but with a “lee” at the end.

Who is that cute dog in the header photo?

I’m so glad you asked. That’s my beloved old English sheepdog, Dory. You might think that she’s named after the fish from Finding Nemo, which is one of my favorite movies. Her true namesake is David Bowie’s “Hunky Dory” album, my favorite Bowie album.

In this picture, Dory is free-range exploring and spending some quality time with geese on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. Outside of my work, I enjoy exploring my cherished hometown and all it has to offer, especially when I can share it with my ever faithful canine companion.